Акустический кабель AudioQuest FLX 14/4 (152 m WHITE)

  • Производитель: AudioQuest
  • Модель: AudioQuest FLX 14/4 (152 m WHITE)
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии


Акустический кабель в катушке, четырехпроводный.

Предназначен для укладки в стену.

Площадь сечения 2.09 мм.

Длина 152 м.


Акустический кабель в катушке AudioQuest FLX 14/4


This four-conductor in-wall speaker cable from AudioQuest sports an advanced, high-performance design for impressively detailed sound. It features 19 precisely arranged, tightly packed strands in each conductor for excellent signal transfer and low distortion. Plus, twisted pair construction minimizes radio frequency and electromagnetic interference for crisp, clear, noise-free sound.

Handy extras for easy installation
AudioQuest includes sequential footage markers to simplify measuring. Directional arrows tell you which way the signal should flow through the cable for the best sound. Plus, with a 4-conductor cable, you can run just one cable from your amplifier or receiver to a pair of speakers or in-wall volume control, so you'll have just one cable to pull, secure, and identify.

Keep your home and family safe with in-wall-rated speaker wire
When you're running wire inside your walls, it's important that you use speaker cable that's approved for in-wall runs. This cable's CL3 certification means it passed safety tests administered by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). The UL looks at heat generated from current flowing through wire, how quickly the cable will catch and spread fire when exposed to flame, and the wire's susceptibility to damage from external stresses. Also, be sure to check your local building and fire code and buy wire accordingly.
14-gauge, 4-conductor cable (14/4)
UL-rated for in-wall installation
high-purity copper for high-integrity signal transfer
Concentric Pack stranding ensures high conductivity and low distortion
twisted pair construction combats interference
sequential footage markers printed on jacket for accurate cable measurements during installation
directional arrows tell you which way the signal should flow for the best sound
warranty: 5 years

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