Акустический кабель Monster XP Navajo White

  • Производитель: Monster
  • Модель: Monster XP Navajo White
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии


Monster XP Navajo White - Тонкий инсталляционный акустический кабель с окрашиваемой в любой цвет оболочкой.

Длина катушки (100 ft) - 30.48 м.


Акустический кабель в катушке Monster XP Navajo White  

Compact High Performance Speaker Cable with Decorator-Friendly Paintable Jacket
Monster XP's compact design makes it ideal for high-performance hookup to stereo or surround speakers in areas where space is at a premium. Plus, it's Navajo white Duraflex® jacket can be painted to match virtually any room or home theater.

Outstanding Sonic Performance at an Attractive Price
Our special winding construction more accurately transfers music signals. XP's exclusive Magnetic Flux Tube® and special Linear Polyethylene Dielectric (LPE Insulation) let you hear more of the music with deeper, tighter bass, enhanced imaging, and powerful dynamic range that easily surpasses ordinary zip cord and many more costly audiophile cables.


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